OUR Aims & Commitments


JOORIE is an environmentally conscious fashion house that is committed to sustainable production of luxurious classic wear. At JOORIE we have a deep passion for fashion and consciousness of the environment. With this in mind, we have chosen to operate our fashion house differently; items are produced specifically for you, upon your request. This means each item is carefully crafted and handled, with minimum production waste and emission footprint. We look to balance your needs and desires and care for the environment.  

Networking Event

To share our vision, we aim to engage with fashion students and give them an opportunity to design an item for JOORIE. The winning design would be part of the next store collection. During this invaluable learning experience, we aim to inspire, our communities’ future fashion leaders to improve the industry environmental impact whilst we work with them to develop their portfolio and professional experience, to ease access to employment.  


JOORIE is an active supporter to two charities’ by donating 2% of total monthly profits. One charity works to empower disadvantaged women across the globe (click to learn more). The other charity works to advocate environmental workers across the globe (learn more). JOORIE community believe we can only prosper in an equal and a healthy environment. 


In fashion items are produced rapidly and vastly over the demand. In return this has impacted the quality of fabric and fitting and leads customers to buy more. This is damaging to the environment and fashion retailors relations with customers. 

We believe in breaking the trend and doing things in a classic and small-scale way; with greater interaction between you and us. We produce items upon your request, so every item requested is specifically made for you. This allows us to get to know you and meet your needs. Meanwhile doing our duty of preserving the environment by using less resources and causing less pollution. 


Our steps to a better direction

We have removed clothing inner tags and moved fabric and care instructions online. Customers are reminded of these guidelines with a recyclable product card that is delivered with each item. To further reduce waste, we are transitioning from using paper to using electronic forms and communication methods. 


The JOORIE community is our core and ultimate force, that allows us to pave the way and be leaders in the fashion industry for environmentally conscious operation methods.

Join JOORIE community to be part of our foundations and support our vision and in return we will send you our latest updates and adventures.